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In an ideal world, casino welcome bonus should be free credits given to new customers. If the customer wins, the winnings should be cashable; if the customer loses, the bonus is lost. However, in reality, casino welcome bonuses are far being the “free” credits they intend to be.

Many casino welcome offers are too tantalising to ignore, yet, after a little digging you realised that all of these offers have a long list of conditions. For example, no-deposit bonus, free spins and first-deposit bonus are some of the most popular bonus types offered by UK online casinos. These offers typically require customers agreeing to a wagering requirement plus some conditions. On average a typical wagering requirement is between 35 to 40-times, and can be as high as 70-times of the bonus amount. For example, in order to withdraw a bonus or the winnings resulted from the bonus, if it has a 35-times wagering requirement, the bonus must be wagered 35 times.

These wagering requirement and conditions must be met before the bonus and the bonus winnings are eligible for withdrawal. In other words, there are no free bonus to take away.

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The Next Best Thing to Free Cash

Wagering requirement is the most important condition of traditional casino welcome bonuses. Wagering requirement specifies the number of times the bonus must be wagered before eligible for withdrawal, typically ranges from 30 to 40 times of the bonus amount. Then, there is time limit, different contributing weights of different games, etc. making keep track of the wagering requirement cumbersome and error-prone.

Recently, a new trend of casino welcome promotion has started. It revolves around online casino without wagering requirements. Those offers are no wagering free spins, no-wagering no-deposit bonus, and no-wagering first-deposit bonus, etc.

What are No Wagering Casinos?

No wagering casinos are online casinos without wagering requirements. No wagering casinos do not require customers to wager the bonus amount a number of times prior to withdrawal. For new customers, there are no wagering free spins, no-wagering no-deposit bonus, and no-wagering first-deposit bonus. For existing customers, there are no wagering reload bonus or no-wagering loyalty bonus. Bonuses with low wager requirements is also considered a part of this type of bonus.

The Advantages of No Wagering Casinos

1. At no wagering casinos, customers don’t need worry about different contributing weights of various games. There is no need to track wagered bonus progression.

Different games have different contributing weight toward wagering requirement. Games with higher return-to-player rates tend to have lower contribution weight towards the wagering requirement.

Games with lower return-to-player rates tend to have higher contribution weight. The variation of contribution weight of different games makes keeping track of completing wagering requirement cumbersome.

2. There is no time wasted to meet wagering requirement. This can save customer a lot of time compare to bonuses that requires wagering requirement.
3. There is no need to worry about the time limit – usually 7 days since receiving the bonus credit. Customers are not pressured into completing wagering requirement before the deadline – this is such a relief especially when some wagering requirements are as high as 40-70 times.

4. Higher likelihood to retain the bonus and the winnings compare to bonuses with wagering requirements. The higher the wagering requirement, the longe it takes to complete, the more likely it is to result in the bonus and winnings to be wiped out, thus leaving customers with very little to withdraw from.

The Disadvantages

1. The amount of no-wagering bonus is typically small compares to bonus with wagering requirements. Therefore, a generous size no-wagering bonus is difficult to come by.
2. Game restrictions – some games are not eligible.

What Exactly Are Wagering Requirements?

Right off the bat! Let’s take a closer look at wagering requirements and how they work in the context of online gaming.

A bet on a slot machine, casino game, bingo game, poker game, or any other type of casino game is known as a wager. The bonus money you receive when you play at a casino is not actual cash, but rather bonus money. In contrast, free spins result in winnings that are paid out in bonus funds as well. This bonus cash is typically held in a different account and is subject to wagering requirements.

The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn until the wagering requirements (and other terms) have been met. It’s not just new players who struggle to make sense of these terminology; even veterans of the game often get confused. Wagering requirements are the sum of money a player must bet before making a cash withdrawal (often a multiple of the bonus amount or bonus winnings).

If you meet the wagering conditions, the bonus funds will become real cash. Bonus funds that aren’t wagered in accordance with the terms and conditions are lost forever.

Are Wagering Requirements Avoidable?

Certainly not in the long run. You can always forfeit your bonus if you don’t want to deal with the wagering requirements, but we wouldn’t advise it.

A casino bonus can increase your bankroll by as much as 300%, although you will be subject to a wagering requirement. This increases your odds of winning the jackpot on your favourite slot machine game, or giving you a shot at the newest slot on the floor. The time it takes to complete the required wagers and receive your withdrawal will fly by. You can also look at bonuses with lower wagering requirements, as these promotions’ conditions may be easier to fulfil.

Other than that, you might try to get your hands on a promotion that doesn’t require you to make a deposit first, like a cashback bonus, or look for a casino that provides Wager-Free Welcome Bonuses (check our list of these below).

The purpose of wagering requirements

While frustrating, these demands are not an attempt by the casino to squeeze the player for additional cash. An acceptable rationale can be offered for them.

The real reason why casinos implement wagering rules is to guarantee they are not breaking any anti-money laundering laws.

Without wagering limitations, it would be simple for criminals to launder their dirty money by placing it into an online casino and withdrawing it immediately.

Wager-Free Casino Bonus Offers: What Are They?

A bonus offer that is wager-free has no wagering requirements associated to it, as the name implies.
The best part about these deals is that you may cash out your winnings without any difficulty.

The great bonus is that the winnings are paid in real cash, even if they are on the lesser side and need a deposit to access.
Their form can be:

No wagering deposit bonuses
No wagering free spins

The casinos realise how appealing these deals are, so it’s no wonder that many of them advertise wager-free bonuses.
The good news is that you can withdraw any money you win from these bonus offers or free spins without making a deposit beforehand, though some casinos need it.

Top No-Deposit Bonus Offers

If you’re a gamer in the United Kingdom, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve compiled a list ofIf you strike it rich, you can cash out your winnings without delay.

Methods for Determining Bonus Wagering Requirements

This may be the most tedious section, but it is crucial that you learn how wagering requirements function and how to choose a casino bonus that is suitable for your budget.

So, let’s say you’ve decided to sign up for a new online casino since you’ve been intrigued by the prospect of trying it out. The wagering requirements (the amount that must be played before a withdrawal can be made) are determined by a number of variables.

For starters, it will be important to know whether the welcome bonus is a set number of free spins or a percentage of the initial deposit.
The second important factor is whether or not the deposit amount is counted toward the wagering requirements.

How to Measure Wagering on Free Spins

The wagering requirements for free spins are typically calculated as a percentage of the total amount won. Say you have 40 free spins with a 10x wagering requirement and you win £10 while playing:

Here’s an illustration: £10 (Wins from Free Spins) x 10 (Wagering requirement) = £100

The £10 you won comes with a 10x wagering requirement, as shown above. This means you’ll need to bet a total of £100 before you can cash out.

Methods for Calculating the Wagering Requirement for Deposit Bonuses That Exclude Initial Deposit

When calculating your wagering requirements for a 200% casino bonus, if your deposit is not included in the formula, you will just need to use the bonus amount. Imagine a scenario in which the casino offers you a £20 bonus on a £10 deposit, with a wagering requirement of 10x. In fact, it functions exactly like this:

Here’s an example: £20 (bonus) multiplied by 10 (wagering requirement) equals £200 (total, including deposit)

Now, let’s pretend that your deposit itself counts toward the wagering requirements. Continuing with the preceding illustration:

[£10 (Deposit) + £20 (Bonus)] x 10 (Wagering) = £300

Need More Information on Wagering Requirements for Casino Bonuses?

Players should now have access to all necessary information thanks to a number of rules and regulations making wagering requirements more obvious.

The terms and conditions for each cash bonus offer made by a UK casino, including those offering free spins, must be made publicly available. You’ll want to read those terms and conditions carefully, as they contain important information like the minimum wagering requirements that may prevent you from making a withdrawal right away.

Read the fine print before signing anything. The whole terms and conditions are usually accessible via a link in the promotional email or by going to the promotions page.

If you are having trouble locating the required wagering amount, please go to the terms and conditions page or contact customer support for assistance. By doing so, you may be certain that you have a thorough understanding of your options before committing to anything financially.

How can I meet the wagering requirements of an online casino?

Our guidelines for determining the necessary wagering total for a withdrawal are provided below. Now that you have access to this helpful guidance, you can maximise your time spent at an online casino.

Find the Best Casinod by Doing Your Homework

You’ve arrived to the right place. But before you sign up, verify if the online casino has a valid licence from a reputable gaming jurisdiction. In order to maintain their gambling licence, casinos must meet stringent legal requirements, some of which require them to maintain a high level of safety and reliability for their customers.

Fortunately, we have already done the groundwork for you. After putting each online casino through our extensive testing process, we only recommend the most reputable ones to our users. Please read the small print.

In order to maintain their status as a legitimate business, internet casinos must follow the regulations set forth by the relevant gaming regulator. In particular, one need is that all applicable terms and conditions be prominently posted. You should be able to find relevant details about your bonus here. Some things to double-check are:

Minimum deposit,  wagering requirement, maximum payout, maximum bet size, time limit, and eligible games.

Obviously, it cannot be emphasised enough. Don’t accept a bonus unless you’ve thoroughly reviewed the associated terms and conditions.

The next step, if you like what you’ve seen, is to sign up for an account and make a deposit in order to get your bonus.

Identification is a must

The vast majority of UK-based online betting establishments fall under this category. In order to make a cash withdrawal, many services need you to provide identification. Such documentation may take the form of a passport or a driver’s licence. Some may even want a recent utility bill as evidence of your residential address.

Choosing the correct game is one of the most important things you can do while trying to meet your wagering requirements. Casinos often assign different games varying ‘weightings’ when determining how much money must be wagered on them. Bets placed on table games and live games, for instance, contribute only 10% toward meeting the wagering requirements at several casinos in the United Kingdom.

Slot machines are an excellent option. Slots often carry a 100% wagering weighting, meaning that any and all money wagered on slots will count toward meeting the casino’s criteria. If you want to avoid losing your money rapidly, consider a slot machine with a moderate to medium level of volatility rather than a high volatility slot. However, everything comes down to luck in the end.High volatility slots are and recommend some of the best. It could provide light on the connections between slot machines, wagering restrictions, and excessive volatility.

With a slot that has lesser variance, though, you could be able to play for longer and end up meeting more of the wagering requirements. Since most casinos exclude high RTP slots from their game selection, picking an average RTP slot is a safe bet.